Gulfstream GV

The Gulfstream GV is the pioneer of ultra-long-range aircraft providing ultimate luxury and comfort. Its combination of range, payload, and speed make it the preferred jet for intercontinental missions.

The GV is backed by Gulfstream’s reputation for reliability and safety. Passengers will enjoy three zones of living areas, a full-sized galley, high-speed internet, and a movie library.


12 passengers

30* bags / suitcases

*depending on size of suitcases

6250 Nm*

*depending on pax, load and weather

Free domestic WIFI / Intl. WIFI available

Galley: Yes
Lavatory: Yes

Max. length: 50 ft
Max. width: 7.3 ft
Max. height: 6.2 ft

Max. speed: 508 KTS
Max. range 4 Pax: 6250 NM
Max Range 8 Pax: 5700 NM

Range Maps

Performance on the range map is based on the following assumptions: great circle distances, 8 passengers, 3 crew, 85% Boeing annual winds, ISA en route conditions, NBAA IFR fuel reserves.

Floor Plan

Sleeping and seating configuration

Night ConfigurationDay Configuration

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