Gulfstream G280

From its long range and high speeds to class-leading cabin height and fuel efficiency, the Gulfstream G280 represents a new standard in super-midsize business jets. It is perfect for fast, comfortable private jet charters throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and Central America.

The G280 has a nonstop range of 3,600 nautical miles at speeds up to Mach .085 and is the only aircraft in its class capable of connecting city pairs such as London to New York, Denver to Hawaii, and Miami to Brasilia.

Natural light illuminates the impressively quiet and spacious cabin, capable of seating up to 10 passengers in supreme comfort. A satellite phone and internet connectivity keep passengers in touch with the ground and entertained in the air. Gulfstream Cabin Management System provides fingertip control of temperature, lighting, monitors, and entertainment.

Gulfstream’s signature 100 percent fresh-air circulation, and pressurization to a lower, more easily breathable altitude, allowing passengers to arrive less fatigued, alert, and ready to focus on the day’s work—or, hopefully, enjoy the day’s fun.


10 passengers

17* bags / suitcases

*depending on size of suitcases

3600 Nm*

*depending on pax, load and weather

Free Wi-Fi

Galley: Yes
Lavatory: Yes

Max. length: 25.8 ft
Max. width: 7.2 ft
Max. height: 6.3 ft

Max. speed: 482 kts
Max. range 4 pax: 3600 nm
Max. range 10 pax: 2600 nm

Range Maps

Performance on the range map is based on the following assumptions: great circle distances, 8 passengers, 3 crew, 85% Boeing annual winds, ISA en route conditions, NBAA IFR fuel reserves.

Floor Plan

Sleeping and seating configuration

Night ConfigurationDay Configuration

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